How To Make Yarn Swatch Notecards!

Need a gorgeous handmade gift in a hurry?  Make these fabulous notecards from leftover swatches from projects past.  Your gift recipient will be delighted when presented with a totally unique and beautifully stitched card crafted by you!

Need more swatch recycling ideas?  Here are 25 more things to do with all of those swatches!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1: Experiment with placement, note card colors, etc. 

Step 2: After you choose everything you like, run a stripe of glue onto card (not swatch-it will make a fuzzy mess).  Lay bottom edge of swatch on glue and press lightly to bond.

Step 3: Run a stripe of glue along card will top edge of swatch will lay.  Press along top edge of swatch to bond it to the card.

Step 4: Let front of card dry completely.

Step 5: Flip card over and if you have overhang, glue sides to back of card.

Step 6: Snip tails with scissors or weave them in if you prefer.

Happy Gifting!

Click below to watch a video tutorial on how to make a Yarn Swatch Notecard:

Get supplies for this project here!

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