How To Crochet Front and Back Loops (flo and blo)

Crochet Front and Back Loops

Let’s learn how to crochet into the front and back loops of a stitch! Several of you lovelies have asked for a tutorial on how to work into the front loops only and back loops only. In patterns you may see the front loops only abbreviated “flo.” For the back loops only it is abbreviated “blo.”

For this tutorial I used some worsted weight acrylic yarn and a J (6.0 mm) crochet hook, but definitely try experimenting with other yarn weights too for a variety of effects for all of your projects!

Check out two video tutorials (below) that explain each technique in detail.  The result are these pretty ridges that can add a wonderful decorative element to your projects:

Crochet Front and Back Loops

You can work into the front or back loops of your work with lots of different stitches including sc, dc, tr, and other kinds of stitches too.  Any place where you need to add a little texture or a fun little stitch detail to your work, it’s easy to do! Try making a sampler swatch to practice and get a feel for each one.  Sometimes I like to use this technique when I want a rib in my work without the added bulk of using post stitches too. Enjoy the videos and happy crocheting!

How to Crochet into the Front Loops Only (flo):

Can’t see the video? Get it here!

How To Crochet into the Back Loops Only (blo):

Can’t see the video? Get it here!

Ready to begin an easy project using your new skills?  Check out these free patterns (2 scarf patterns and a hat pattern), each with a full video tutorial to help you along the way too:

From top to bottom: Outline Ribbed Scarf, Super Dude Hats, Wise Oak Ribbed Scarf

Looking for more crochet stitch tutorials? Check out my crochet stitch tutorial library here!

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