Free Crochet Pattern…Fiona Button Slouch!

Ok lovelies, so many of you have have been requesting this for years (yes, years!)  I finally got around to working it up, and I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out!  The Fiona Button Slouch is an easy peasy slouch hat specially designed to match the Fiona Button Scarf (get the free scarf pattern here!)

It even has a decorative button that gives the same style as the scarf.  Using just one skein of super bulky yarn, you can make one in no time flat!

Fiona Button Slouch

By Jennifer Dickerson

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  • 1 Skien Wool Ease Thick & Quick Solids (Note: yardage varies on this particular yarn based on if it is a solid, print, tweed, etc. Just be sure you have at least 106 yards)
  • N (9.0 mm) Crochet Hook
  • 1 Button (optional)
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors


  • 10 Inches Tall
  • 23 Inch Circumference


Ch 40, join with a sl st.

Round 1: Ch 1 and work a sc in each ch, join with a sl st to close round.

Rounds 2 & 3: Ch 1 and work a sc in each stitch, join with a sl st to close round.

Round 4: Ch 3 (counts as a dc) then work a dc, ch 1 in first st.  *Skip a stitch, then work 2 dc, ch 1 in the next st) Repeat from * to end of round.

Rounds 5-12: Sl st over to the first space (similar technique as when you work a solid color granny square).  Ch 3 and work a dc, ch1 in the same space.  In the next space work, *2 dc, ch1. Repeat from * to end of round.

Fasten off.

Note: Hat will look like a tube at this point…proceed to “finishing and assembly” section to close up hat.

Finishing & Assembly:

1. Thread tapestry needle with matching yarn.

2. Turn hat inside out and whip stitch hat along top edge (edge where last round was worked).

3. Pull/slide together to close top.

4. Tie in a tight knot.

5. Weave in any ends that remain.

6. Turn hat right side out.

7. Sew button as shown to hat if desired.

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Click below to watch a video on how to crochet the Fiona Button Slouch stitch by stitch:

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9 thoughts on “Free Crochet Pattern…Fiona Button Slouch!

  1. Thanks for sharing your crochet talent! Loved the tutorial too. I will be making this hat for the upcoming winter season:) Thanks again!

  2. Hi. I LOVE all of your crochet patterns. They are all so clear and concise, which is so helpful as a beginner 🙂 I made this hat last night and I am receiving a TON of compliments! It's great! I plan to make the matching scarf tonight.

    I did have a question for you though. As I was making the hat it kept getting bigger and bigger. I ended up running out of yarn before I could even get 12 rows of the squares in, and then when I seemed it together, it bunched up funny. The tension of my stitches was consistent throughout. I was hoping you could help me diagnose my issue? It's the first hat I've attempted. Thanks!

  3. Hi, in round 4 when you say the chain 3 counts as a dc, does the next stitch mean to crochet into the same chicken. 3 or go to the next stitch? Thank you,Judy

  4. Hi, love this hat pattern! Could this pattern be used for a #4 medium yarn? If so, what size hook would I use ? Any help would be so appreciated!
    Thanks, Judy

  5. Hi Jennifer! I have enjoyed making a few of your crochet patterns so much! I had the same issue as the commenter above: my hat got wider as I added more rows. The finished product didn't look as cute as yours. I'd love to know what went wrong. I'm going to redo he hat and be sure to count my stitches this time and tighten my stitches as well. Do you think that will help?

  6. Fabulous pattern! I made one in 3 month size by using an I hook in worsted weight yarn and stopping after round 10. (I crochet very tight.) It turned out great. Thank you for the pattern. ❤

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