Interview with Laurinda Reddig, Author of Reversible Color Crochet!

I have a very special guest on Fiber Flux today, Laurinda Reddig, author of “Reversible Color Crochet” from Interweave.  Yesterday I shared a little bit about her exciting new book and I’m thrilled to have her here today!  She has graciously agreed to stop by and tell us about her new book and share a little about herself too.

Welcome Laurinda, thank you for stopping by, we’re so glad you could join us to chat today!  How did you get started with crochet?

Laurinda: I learned to crochet granny squares from my Campfire leader when I was in junior high school, and picked up other crochet techniques over the years from anyone I saw crocheting. I love all sorts of crafting, but always seem to go back to crochet.

What design did you enjoy creating the most when writing this book?

Laurinda: I loved designing Tyler’s Space Adventure because I got to work with my son to create designs based on his drawings. They even hung his original pictures on the wall in the photo shoot of the blanket for the book (check page 102).

What influences and inspires your crocheted designs?

Laurinda: My greatest inspiration has been my children. The first design I created using the Reversible Intarsia technique in the book was an afghan for my son. Although now that I have started designing, I find inspiration everywhere. I am always taking photos of images, shapes, and textures I want to find a way to create in crochet.

What is on your hook at the moment?

Laurinda: At the moment I seem to spend all my time swatching, working out ideas for future projects. I always have at least two projects on my hooks (usually more). I need to have at least one repetitive project to work on while I’m on the go with my 4 year old, and try to save the more complicated ones for when I can concentrate more. But I do have several big projects in the works and am looking forward to getting going on the next ones.

Imagery courtesy of Interweave.

Thanks so much for visiting us today Laurinda, we’re so glad you stopped by!  To learn more about the book, read my review from yesterday here and enter to win a free copy of your own:

Reversible Color Crochet Review and Giveaway here!

If you can’t wait or want additional copies, here is the publisher information and a link to the Interweave Store to order a copy of your own:

Reversible Color Crochet

By Laurinda Reddig

(Interweave/F+W $24.99)

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