Sharp Hook Giveaway on Fiber Flux!

The Sharp Crochet hook is a patent pending tool you’ll definitely want to have.  I looks like a regular steel hook but with one difference…a sharp tip!  This allows you to crochet right into fabric, no need to pre-poke holes.  This is great for edgings and other fun applications!  The book shown in the photo above has a ton of ideas and projects too.

To learn more about the hook and see lots of cute ideas for its use, hop on over the their site here:

The Sharp Crochet Hook Site

***Congratulations to Terri F!!!  I have sent you an email so you can get all of your goodies.  Thank you to everyone entered, it was a lot of fun!***

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In addition, I’ve collected some of my favorite projects using the Sharp Crochet Hook to inspire you, check them out!

(Click on the link below each photo to go directly to the pattern)

Rainbow Happy Fun Pouch from Moogly

Crochet Watermelon Coin Purse By Repeat Crafter Me

Crochet Bracelet With Heart Button from My Hobby Is Crochet

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104 thoughts on “Sharp Hook Giveaway on Fiber Flux!

  1. this looks awesome. i am new to crochet and still trying to teach myself but i would love to use this.

  2. I love the concept of adding crochet lace to the prefab t-shirts, or the hem line of my too short jeans. What an awesome tool. Thanks for bringing us the chance to win the tool.

  3. Great giveaway Jennifer! I would use it to add some edgings to some of my daughter's more plain dresses 🙂

  4. Id like to try this hook on some canvas shoes to make them wider for me to wear. Id use the hook to start the crochet along the soles. Great giveaway!! (Shoes are hard to find for me. If figure if I take the top part off the top of the foot, I can add a crochet square to make it the size I need.)

  5. This hook would be awesome. I have seen some great projects on fiber flux, etc. I would be able to make some new designs for my grandchildren, etc. I am trying to make enough projects ahead to rent a table at our fall fair. But Fiber Flux has given me some great inspirations since they came on board. Thanks for the chance at the hook. But also, thanks for being there.

  6. I'd love to make zipper pouches or lined purses, but figured I'd have to sew things on somehow (and I'm fairly terrible at sewing). Fantastic to learn this sort of thing exists!

  7. I've wanted to make some fleece blanket loveys in the worst way! This tool would be awesome for making them!

  8. I am learning to crochet and would love to create a poufee! I saw one on 60 minute makeover today and thought it looked great! It will be a challenge but I love challenges!

  9. I've been looking for a tool to make holes in fabric. I would love to win this so I could do it as I crochet.

  10. I've been wanting to try the sharp hooks, but keep forgetting to buy one. There are so many projects I could use one on!!!
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!

  11. I would like to win the sharp hook so I can do some mixed media crafting… Quilting, sewing, crocheting together!

  12. I would use it to crochet on the top of a kitchen hand towel so it can be hung on the frig, cabinet door, or stove. But I love the pouch and coin purse, so they would be next!

  13. I would use it to crochet trim on just about anything such as pillow cases, hand towels, dish towels, etc.

  14. I would love this to crochet borders around receiving blankets to give to the local children's hospital!

  15. I am not sure exactly what all I would do with this hook, but I am sure I would find some great uses for it

  16. I'd like to crochet around receiving blankets as a baby gift. A friend of mine say that she buys flannel sheets when they are on sale. She hem them and crochets an edge around them. I think she said she get 6 receiving blankets out of one sheet. Brilliant!

  17. This is a great giveaway! I have a pattern for using the Sharp Crochet hook, but I don't have the hook. Thank you!

  18. What an awesome giveaway! I would use the sharp hook to put edges and hangers on towels. Thanks for the chance!

  19. First things first….Fiber Flux R O C K S !!! Jennifer, you are so creative, talented and generous! Thank you for A L L the great patterns you share for free, and now thank you for a fab giveaway! that hook is going to be a wonderful tool-so many cute things to make with it & making edging things especially easy 😀 thank you!

  20. I've never used a sharp hook before but I've seen some really cute fabric blankets with beautiful crochet edging so I would probably try that first then maybe some tea towels and pillow cases.

  21. Would love to win this! Thank you and sharp hook for the opportunity and the contest. Would love to make blankets for babies in need amongst other items. Thanks Again!

  22. Wow–this looks like a great product. I would love to use it to dress up t-shirts and other types of tops and dresses. It would really allow me to add a touch of elegance to any project.

  23. i would you it on blankets and pillowcases and purses and totes…everything i can think of. thank you for an awesome giveaway

  24. I love to crochet edging onto pillow cases for unique wedding gifts…this would make it so much easier! bjn1957{at}gmail{dot}com

  25. I'd use it on fleece to make baby blankets for hospitals and women's shelters!! The way I do it now is a pain in the neck (or hands!)!!!!

  26. I've heard of this hook and would love to win it here. But thanks for the link! I think I need to get one.

  27. I have never heard of a sharp crochet hook before but it is such a brilliant idea. So many ways to use it, but my nephews and niece love amigurimi dolls so I would probably use it mostly for that or decorative trim and seaming pieces together with single crochets. I love the videos and patterns so much, thank you for everything you do.

  28. I would like to crochet edgings on cloth doilies and hankies. I can remember my grandmother making us dresser scarves we I was little.

  29. What a brill little tool, would love to win it to jazz up some vest tops!
    Thanks for the chance to win. Love reading your tips, keep up the good work.
    Chris x

  30. I'd use it may be in adding edging to any blankie or any of the clothes 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway !

  31. I would modify two dresses which I bought at my honeymoon because their fabric looks so wonderful. I want to cut them open because they are much too big. Then I would use freeform lace to put the pieces of fabric together so that it fits my body.

    I am writing a book about crochet and would like to include an easy project (maybe edging a blanket or dress up a pillow) using this hook – to spread the word – because I also just found it some weeks ago and I think it is really useful.
    I would also write a short review on my blog (which would be finished much earlier than my book).

    And I would turn some of my longshirts into dresses. Thereby, I could maybe also use techniques which could be interesting for others too.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win this wondeful tool and the patterns!

  32. I have been wanting to buy one for a while now to make dish rag toppers =-)

  33. I've been wanting one of those for quite some time now, but can't find any here. I would love to make some lovely crochet edges on some pillowcases I inherited from my grandma and use it in a similar fashion on some of my more modern (but rather dull) teatowels, to give them an edge (pun intended) :p
    Sooo…. fingers crossed! 😀

  34. I would like to try it on some vintage cards I have to put a border around them….just one idea up my sleeve. 🙂

  35. Im on a fixed income and buy Christmas dry towels when they go on sale and the next year sew on pretty crocheted edges.This hook would really help!!! Thank you!:))

  36. I have a voile scarf I made that I'd love to add a crochet edge to. A sharp hook would certainly make it easier!

  37. I think adding a beautiful crocheted edging directly to a fabric edge would be AWESOME!!!!!

  38. I´ve seen it before online but not anywhere in shops around here. I would use it for coin purses and cushion covers edgings, would make it so much easier!

  39. I have got some gorgeous pillow cases that I have been planning on crocheting an a romantic lacy edge on.

  40. This is the first I've really heard of this. I have a scarf I want to edge and this would be perfect!

  41. I have been looking for one of these but can't find one. It would be awesome to win one. Thanks for giving one away.

  42. I suppose I would use it to crochet with. Is there another use for the sharp hook? There are still many things I am learning in crochet and hope to just get better and better in my techniques.

  43. I have been thinking about buying a sharp hook but haven't yet. This would be great for crocheting and knitting. Thanks for the opportunity to win a sharp hook and this wonderful book.

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