How to Make Bamboo Lace Wall Art

If you’re looking for a simple and pretty way to decorate your space, here is a fun project to show off your handiwork!  I love the clean lines and simplicity of this piece.  Using easily found materials and a special motif, you can create a one of a kind piece of art.  

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Crochet thread (thread shown is Aunt Lydia’s Bamboo Crochet Thread)
  • Recommended hook size for your thread (I used a “B” hook for the motif shown)
  • Pretty paper(s) of your choice, handmade paper, watercolor paper, and origami papers are especially lovely when framed.
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Photo frame (frame shown is an inexpensive 5″X7″ wood frame, choose the most appropriate size for your particular motif).  I chose a frame that you can hang or sit on a table…great if you’re not sure where you want it to be placed right away.

How to Make Bamboo Lace Wall Art:

  • Begin by crocheting the Bamboo Lace Motif (follow the link to go directly to the written pattern)
  • If needed, block the motif…I was able to get mine nice and straight with sharper points when I blocked mine, watch the blocking video here:

  • Take apart the photo frame and clean the glass to remove dust (frames purchased at stores are usually pretty dusty)
  • Layer your papers as shown or experiment on your own…get creative!
  • Position everything as desired and adhere the layers with double sided tape.
  • Put the frame back together and flip it over to double check the front to make sure everything looks as it should.
  • You’re ready to hang!

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4 thoughts on “How to Make Bamboo Lace Wall Art

  1. Wow! Lovely and so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this in your article. Nice stuff and very well made. I loved the art and just dreaming to have a one after seeing this here. Great work man. The above art using bamboo is something really spectacular. Bamboo made materials now in huge demand worldwide.

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