How to Make a Finger Knit Sparkle Cowl

The Finger Knit Sparkle Cowl is a fast, fun, and easy project.  The cowl uses popular ruffle yarn in a different way.  This is a great project for kids too, using just your fingers as a loom…plus the sparkles make it extra fun.  If you have never tried finger knitting, I have included an easy video to get you started and make the entire project from beginning to end.

The Finger Knit Sparkle Cowl

By Jennifer Dickerson


  • 1 Ball of Ruffle Yarn (blue cowl shown is Paton’s Pirouette yarn, 20 yards, and purple cowl shown is Red Heart Sashay, 30 yards).  Either yarn is a great choice for this project, the Pirouette (blue cowl) is a bit bulkier and has shorter yardage, producing a thicker and shorter cowl.  The Sashay (purple cowl) is less bulky and had longer yardage per ball, so it yields a narrower longer finished piece)
  • Scissors (if doing this project with very young kids, an adult should do the scissors part of the project)
  • Your fingers!


  • Blue cowl has a 35 inch circumference with knot.
  • Purple cowl has a 60 inch circumference with knot.


  • Using your hand (I use my less dominant hand to hold the project and my dominant hand to wind the yarn), make a finger knit “rope” until desired length or until you run out of the yarn.  Both the blue and purple cowls I made were worked until I ran out of yarn.
  • Fasten off to secure the “rope”
  • Give everything a gentle, yet firm tug to straighten everything out.
  • Tie ends together and either cut tails or weave them in with your fingers.
  • All finished!

Note: Below is a full video tutorial, to make the project from start to finish.

Click below to watch a full video tutorial:

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© Jennifer Dickerson 2014
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  1. Can anyone be kind enough to tell me where they are finding this brand of yarn? I have searched every craft store and fabric store chain and no one has it.

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