How to Make a Loom Flower Garland

This pretty garland will add some cheer anywhere you hang it.  Yarny daisies all in a row are easy to make and use just small amounts of yarn too!  Be sure to scroll down below for an instructional video on how to make the flowers and a video on how to assemble the garland.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Yarn (yarn shown is Red Heart Super Saver)
  • Flower Loom & Loom Tool
  • Tapestry/Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

Here’s how to make a Loom Flower Garland:

  • Make as many flowers as you like using a flower loom.  Click below to watch a helpful video to make them step by step: 

  • Next, cut a length of yarn as long as you’d like your garland to be, making sure there is some extra at each end for hanging.  I used green yarn for a vine-like effect.
  • Thread a tapestry/yarn needle and arrange the flowers in the order you want (photo one below)
  • Starting with the first flower, flip it over so that the back is facing up (photo two below)
  • Run the tapestry/yarn needle through the topmost part of the flower’s center.  Running the yarn through the top part keeps more weight below when hanging, which helps to keep the flower from swiveling around (photo three below)
  • Repeat with the next flower, then the next until all flowers are strung (photos four and five below)
  • When your garland is finished, flip it over so that the flower fronts are facing up.  Arrange then like I did so that the petals are just barely touching, or you can space them out a bit (photo six below)
  • Make a loop at each end or simply tie it onto something for hanging.

Be sure to scroll down to watch a video on how to assemble the garland step by step too.

All finished!  So fresh and springy!

Click below to watch a video on how to assemble the garland step by step:

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© Jennifer Dickerson 2014
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17 thoughts on “How to Make a Loom Flower Garland

  1. very nice….you've inspired me to get my loom out…………its languishing at the back of the cupboard

  2. That's so cute!!! I've looked at getting one of those flower looms before but haven't gotten one. Now, I just might!

  3. What a beautiful idea! Thank you for the tutorial. I think I'll make one for my little niece. 🙂

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