I have recently discovered making yarny flowers with a loom! These loom blooms are pretty, easy and super fun to make.  This is an awesome project to make with kids and is perfect for stash busting too.  Be sure to scroll down for a full video tutorial too.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • A Flower Loom (I found mine at the craft store for just a few dollars)
  • A Loom Hook (the one shown came with the loom)
  • A Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Yarn (yarn shown is Red Heart Super Saver)

To make a loom flower, locate the peg on the side of the loom, this is called the “anchor peg” reserve about 4 inches or so and tie the yarn onto the peg,

Begin by wrapping the yarn around the peg directly across from the anchor peg as shown below,

then continue in a clockwise fashion, always moving to the peg on the right,

Continue all the way around as shown below:

We will make a total of three layers, so next you’ll want to push this first layer down, using the hook tool if needed,

In the same manner, wrap the next layer,

push it down, then wrap the third and final layer.

Push this layer down as well, then cut the yarn so that is equal to the other yarn tail.

Flip the loom over and bring both tails (you’ll have to pull one of them of of the anchor peg) to the back and tie off.  I made three knots in mine to get it nice and secure…

Select your flower’s center color (same color or contrasting color) and thread the tapestry needle so that the ends are the same length.

Working from back to front, come up from the back in between two “petals” and go back in with the needle to the in between area directly across.

Do the same thing going the other way, this will make a “plus sign”

In the same manner, now make an “X” over top of the “plus”

Then continue until each in-between petal space has contrasting yarn in between it.

Flip the loom over once more and knot it securely.  If you want to tie the flower to something, leave the tails intact, otherwise you can trim the tails.

Depending on your loom, you can either take the pegs off to remove your flower, or use the hook tool to lift each petal up and over the pegs.

Do this all the way around…

And the flower is complete…

Make a whole garden of them with your new skill!

Click below to watch the full video tutorial:

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