Happy National Crochet Month!

March is National Crochet Month!

Crochet is such a wonderful and happy part of my life.  It is relaxing, creative, challenging, and fun!  If you’re ready to learn or perhaps looking for some yarny inspiration, you’ve come to the right place, here are some links you can find on Fiber Flux…photo tutorials, projects, free and easy patterns, and even video tutorials.

Scarves, shawls, appliques, purses, cowls, infinity scarves, flowers, jewelry, dishcloths, and lots more: Click here for over 60 fabulous and free patterns…

Ready to jump in and learn? Need a bit of a refresher?

Basic stitches, granny squares, edgings, and other easy and fun tutorials: Click here for lots of crochet tutorials of all kinds…

If videos are more your speed, bring your hooks and yarn up to the screen and we’ll learn together! Many of my written patterns now have videos, walking you through the pattern stitch by stitch:

Click here to visit the Fiber Flux YouTube channel!

Happy crocheting to you in March!  Need something and don’t see it?  Be sure to let me know…I love requests and do my best to fit them in.

For more fun projects and pretty patterns, be sure to follow us on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for the latest updates!

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7 thoughts on “Happy National Crochet Month!

  1. I searched the internet for a pattern for a basic granny square. It took me forever and, when I found one and printed it out, the directions were so poor I couldn't follow them. Next day I opened my e-mail message from Fiber Flux and there it was…a gem of a pattern for a granny square!!. Thank you for this and for all the others I have used. I love this!

  2. Hi Jennifer, I love your video tutorials and I was wondering if you would do one for a shell stitch? The closest tutorial you have right now is "How to Crochet Scallop Edging" but I would like to do an entire blanket using the shell stitch. Thanks so much for your great patterns and tutorials!

  3. I found your site through Pintrest and go to it almost everyday! Your patterns and pictures easy to follow and they are simple but elegant. I am now a forever follower. Thank you!

  4. You found me on Twitter when I sent out a plea for a free beginners' pattern on how to make a basic crochet scarf. This new to me person tweeted me "How about this?" "Or this?" with the url to the scarfs at a blog called "Fiber Flux". I thanked you, clicked the link and was overjoyed at the treasure trove of scarf patterns! At that time scarves were your main body of work featured here. I was so excited! I soon learned it was the blog owner, "Jennifer" (aka "you" lol) that had rescued me and opened my crochet world to scarfs! I have watched this blog virtually explode as you worked very hard, adding videos on YouTube for your scarves (ooo, that was fun!), and bringing knitting to your blog, more scarfs, crochet lessons, tons of YouTube videos and all kinds of crochet and knit projects that covered a wide range of items for your followers to learn to create. I see you being featured on well known blogs as the designer of the week! You earned it, and I'm so happy for you! Thank you for answering my tweet! Its been a great experience! I have a big question. Its about the very colorful granny square at the top of this post, and appearing in your FB banner. Can I beg you for info on just WHAT is that beautiful yarn, and is it the same as the ball of yarn near the bottom of this post? Its a ball of mixed colors, with what looks like a turquoise as its mc? I need to find that yarn! I want to make that traditional granny square for a blanket! Thanks for everything you do!

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