Happy Birthday Fiber Flux!!

Fiber Flux is 3 today…hooray!  Thank you for your lovely comments, sharing your beautiful projects, and your fantastic support during this time…you are what makes this community so much fun!

Here are 10 fun and festive patterns that you easily work up to create a celebration of your own!  All of them are free and full of happy color!

1. Celebration Scarf

2. Party Cake Dishcloth

3. Cotton Candy Hat

4. Layered Ruffle Flower

5. Rock Candy Hat

6. Modern Circles Garland

7. Mango Salsa Scarf

8. Granny Rosette Garland

9. Fruit Punch Tablet Sleeve

10. Bahama Stripe Dishcloth

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31 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Fiber Flux!!

  1. I feel silly echoing everyone else but wanted to say Happy Birthday to Fiber Flux. I've enjoyed finding new patterns that I can actually understand – thanks for all of your hard work.

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday! I am so happy that I discovered your blog. You have given me many happy hours working on your beautiful patterns! Thank you so much…party ON! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday!! So glad I found your site – your patterns and directions are awesome for this beginner and the results are so pretty! Hope you enjoy many more birthday celebrations!!

  4. Happy Third Birthday! Thank you for all your wonderful free patterns which are much appreciated! I'm wearing two scarves from your patterns this winter!

  5. Happy 3rd Birthday! My favourite site and so giving with the free patterns. Yeah we go into winter soon so going to be so busy crocheting these beautiful patterns. God bless and may you go from strength to strength xxx

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