Just got a new video up today for your viewing pleasure!

Click here to visit the Fiber Flux YouTube channel!  While you’re there, be sure to click the red “Subscribe” button to get all of the latest video updates!

Episode 4: How to Crochet the Gelato Infinity Scarf:

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2 thoughts on “New Video Available!

  1. I've made quite a few of your patterns for gifts or for me. I made this one for my mom for Christmas though I used a lighter weight yarn. I added a Mobius twist to it. It's gorgeous! I want to keep it for myself. I can't wait to hear what mom thought of it when she sees it.

  2. I just found your website, and am loving it. Your wonderful videos and instructions have given this beginner the confidence to try. The Gelato Infinity is my first project, and I'm so pleased with how it is coming along. Thank you so much!!

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