Make a Superhero Doggie Cape

Is your doggie a super dog?  Mine is!  Make a cute superhero cape for your favorite four legged friend in no time flat for under one dollar!  Because this project is no-sew, you can just trim it to fit if needed for smaller pups…no hemming required!  The best part is that it slips right onto the collar, making it safer and easier than tying it on.

Make one with an initial like I did, or perhaps a super cool lightning bolt is in order?  Paw print?  Heart?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1-8X10 sheet yellow felt
  • 2-8X10 sheets red felt
  • 1-8X10 sheet black felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun

(Feel free to change the colors if you like)

Project cost: 4 sheets of felt @ 24 cents each = only 96 cents!

To make the cape, plug your hot glue gun in…by the time it’s ready to go, you’ll be finished making it and ready to glue it up. 

Start by trimming the top corners off from a sheet of red felt as shown below.  If you’re making a cape for a smaller dog (or even a cat…how cute would that be?) simply trim the bottom edge to fit.  Clearly my dog is gigantic, but I didn’t want to make his too big either, so it wouldn’t bother him.

Flip the cape over and cut a piece to make the “collar pocket” Trim it to fit the top part of the cape.  Before gluing, be sure the animal’s collar can easily pass through.

Cut a larger circle (I used a drinking glass as a template),

Cut a slightly smaller circle,

Cut a letter or other shape (lightning bolt, paw print, heart, etc.)

Now you’re ready to attach it together!  Glue all parts.  Be especially careful with the collar pocket piece, taking care not to glue it closed…I ran a small and neat strip along the top and bottom of the piece and gently tacked it down.

Make sure everything is completely dry before wearing…now puppy is ready to save the day!

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2 thoughts on “Make a Superhero Doggie Cape

    1. Thanks! I always have trouble finding things for big dogs…everything is for little dogs! Now he can have a costume too! 🙂

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