How To Weave In Ends As You Go

Weaving in all of those ends as you go is a super handy skill to know.  In fact, I think it became one of my favorite things when I first learned it because it saves so much time!  Although I’ve seen a few other ways to do it, this is my favorite and the way I weave my ends in for virtually everything I make.

This can be done when you run out of yarn and rejoin a new ball or when switching colors on a new row.

Click here for a photo tutorial on switching colors on a new row…

Let’s begin!  After you’ve come to the end of your yarn (or just want to switch colors) and are ready to join a new piece,

Fasten off the end,

Tie the new yarn on.  Two tails (or one tail, depending on how you like to fasten it on) plus the working strand of yarn will remain.  Before I learned how to do this, I used to weave them in later with a tapestry needle, but we’ll go ahead and weave them in now by crocheting them right into the piece.  Take both tails and kind of lay them over the top row, so they run along the top,

Work your turning chain without the tails (just the working strand of yarn).  Next, work the first stitch by inserting your hook into the stitch and crochet right over the tails.  I find it easiest keep the tails laying against that top row as much as possible.  In the photo below, the two tails have been worked into that first stitch.

Keep repeating this step…below are a few more stitches with the tails worked in.  I like to go pretty far, roughly half way across the row here, if you trim them too soon, the tails have the potential of being too short and can easily pop out.

Once you’ve worked them in as far as you’d like, it’s time to trim.  I like to give the tails a gentle tug first.  This will draw up the stitches a bit (see below how they are bunched up together a little?)

Carefully trim the tails, being careful not to trim the working strand of yarn as well,

The row is still bunched up a little at this point and you’ll still be able to see the ends you just trimmed, so go ahead and give the row a very gentle tug to straighten everything out.  The ends should disappear like magic!

Now you can keep working the row as usual.

I also wanted to note that sometimes as you continue to work the piece or maybe even are wearing it later, you may see an occasional end sticking out.  No worries, just give it a little tug, snip it, and pull it back into shape.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, happy crocheting!

Click below to watch a video on how to weave in ends as you go:

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  1. Excellent, clear instruction! I am just thrilled to actually see someone crochet the pattern. Thanks for being such a great help!

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