How to Make A Pom Pom (no tools needed!)

I think pom poms are probably the one of the most cheerful things you can make.  Pom poms are so cute added to your knitting and crochet projects and always add a bit of fun.  Use them on hats, throw pillows, make a garland out of them or put them on the ends of a scarf!  I prefer to make mine quickly using just my hand.  I’ve tried using fancy tools and cardboard, but I tend to make my pom poms this way for the ease and quickness it delivers.

To make a pom pom all you need is:

  • Your hands (the best tools of all)
  • Yarn 
  • Scissors

Experiment with yarn.  Super bulky yarn will yield a big fluffy pom pom, while lightweight yarn will make a smaller, more delicate one.

To begin, grab the end of the yarn as shown below.  Notice I have left a bit of a tail, not too long, but just enough so it doesn’t get lost in the process.

Next, decide how wide you want your pom pom to be.  Wrapping it around all four fingers (as shown below) will make it bigger, while wrapping it around three will make a medium sized pom pom.  For a smaller pom pom, wrap it around just two fingers.

Begin by wrapping around and around (and around),

This step will go on for a while.  Keep wrapping and wrapping until you get a decent-sized (nice and full) bundle in your hand.  I tend to wrap more that I think I’ll need.  It’s better to have a nice and full pom pom than a floppy/saggy one.  However, if you’re ends up that way, it is easily fixed (more about that in just a moment).

When you have wrapped all the yarn you want, cut a length of yarn about 8-10 inches or so,

Run it through the “bundle” as shown 

Now tie it very tightly with a knot (as tight as you possibly can),

Using your scissors, snip all of the loops,

And for my favorite part…the hair cut!  If you would like for your pom pom to be a little denser, fuller, or of it looks uneven, you can give your pom pom a trim.

Note: If you are planning on tying the pom pom onto something (like a hat or scarf), leave the two tails from where you tied it together a few steps ago.

All done, now it is ready to be attached to something fabulous!

Be sure to save those yarn clippings too…they are great for stuffing things like pillows and toys.

Happy stitching lovelies!

Click here to learn how to make a pom pom  with your hand step by step:

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