How to Half Double Crochet (HDC)

The half double crochet is a handy stitch to have in your crochet skills collection.  It is used in lots of patterns and is very easy to do.  It is a little larger than a single crochet stitch and a little smaller than a double crochet stitch.

For this tutorial, I used Lion Brand’s Baby’s First yarn and a J (6.0 mm) hook.  The entire swatch shown is made of HDC stitches to give you an idea of what many look like together.

Begin by wrapping yarn around hook,

insert the hook into the stitch,

your hook will now look like the photo below with three loops on the hook.

Wrap yarn around hook again,

and draw it through all three loops.  Thanks it!

To start a new row, simply chain two, turn, and keep going.

Happy crocheting!

Here’s a video you can watch to learn the half double crochet stitch too:

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