Button Flower Headbands, Tutorial + Video

With the flurry of back to school preparations being made, I wanted to add a handmade touch to the mix.  I love sending my loved ones into the world with something made from home, whether it is a cheerful scarf or a lovingly prepared lunch.  No one in my family can escape it!  Even my elderly grandmother proudly wears the hat and scarf I made for her a while back.

Here is a quick and pretty project that is a lot of fun too.  It might be fun to let the wearer pick out their favorite colors, or perhaps dig around in the buttons for their favorite one.

Click below to watch a full video tutorial including how to crochet the flowers:

To make these headbands, you’ll need:

  • Flowers with Buttons (Click here for Button Flowers pattern) or other pretty things that would make a fabulous headband
  • Headbands (I find that headbands wrapped in some kind of fabric covering are a lot more comfortable)
  • Felt or fleece scraps
  • Scissors 
  • Glue Gun

Here’s How To Make Them:

  • Start with some plain headbands…I like the fabric covered ones best.  They seem to give a lot more cushion to the head and they “dig” a lot less.
  • Select what you’d like to attach to your headband.  I made these flowers last week and thought they would be perfect.  Click here for Button Flowers pattern…
  • Next cut the felt/fleece into circles, one for each headband you are making.  This will be the backing that covers the glued up parts and makes it look more finished.  Cut the circles small enough so you can’t see them from the front, but large enough to cover everything on the back.  I eyed up my circles and cut free hand, but you can trace your circles onto the fabric to make them perfect.  
  • Next, glue a flower to one of the headbands,
  • And glue a circle to the back.
  • Repeat for as many headbands as you want.  I had a lot of fun mixing up the colors and making everything look extra cheerful.
  • Keep them still until the glue sets up and dries.  I kept mine upside down as shown above for about an hour.  If needed, you can prop them up against something too.

All finished!  I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did, and a very happy Friday to you too!

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