Ground Cover Public Art Project

Photos contained in the packet are ©Ann Morton

I recently discovered a really interesting community project called the Ground Cover Public Art Project.  Based in Phoenix, Arizona and conceptualized and ran by artist Ann Morton, its aim is to create a large ground covering made up of 300 knitted, crocheted, and quilted blankets.  They will form a giant image of a desert flower that will cover an entire empty lot!  After that, each of the 300 blankets will be distributed to homeless people–just in time for the cold months.

Photos contained in the packet are ©Ann Morton

While I don’t live anywhere Arizona, this project really spoke to me and I just had to get involved.  It is a wonderful concept that reaches out to a community in need, but also promotes awareness and pro-activity by informing and involving the community.  Being an art lover and stitcher, I immediately signed up for one of the blanket sections and received this wonderful packet, everything is incredibly organized and straightforward.  I immediately ran out and got the yarn my section called for.  I am planning on updating when I complete the blanket.  See that dark brown in the color chart?  That is what I’m working with right now.

Photos contained in the packet are ©Ann Morton

Check out what the finished image will look like in the photo above!  So pretty!  I just checked this morning and all of the blanket sections have been assigned, however there is a waiting list (with many spots available as of this morning) in case someone who has signed up is unable to make or complete their blanket.  If you live in the area, check and see if they might need volunteers for other things.  Below are links to the main site and the Ravelry community group.  So exciting to be part of this project!

Check out Ground Cover’s website here

Here is the Ravelry group for Ground Cover

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