Crochet A Chain

Let’s Crochet a chain! The crochet chain is the foundation and the most basic starting point for a crochet project.  Chains are easy to make and I think they are a lot of fun too.  In patterns you will see them abbreviated as “ch” or “ch st”

To make a crochet chain, you’ll need yarn and a hook (I used some cotton yarn and an H hook). If you’re not sure which hook to use with your yarn, look on your yarn label for the recommended hook size. 

Begin your chain by making a slip knot on your hook, if you are not familiar with how to make a slip knot, scroll down to the bottom of this post for a helpful full video tutorial,

Crochet A Chain

Wrap the yarn around the hook,

Crochet A Chain

You may notice how I turned the hook slightly above…I like to do this, if you prefer you can do it as shown below too:

Crochet A Chain

And pull it through the loop.  One chain made! Let’s make one more…

Crochet A Chain

Wrap yarn around the hook,

Crochet A Chain

and pull through the loop.

Crochet A Chain

There!  Now we have two chains on our hook.  Continue doing this sequence, yarn around hook, pull through, yarn around hook, pull through, and so on until you achieve the desired chain length for what you need or what your pattern asks you to do.

Crochet A Chain

Why is it called a chain?  If you flip your chain over. like the picture below, you see that is resembles chain links, with interlocking loops, hence the “chain.”  Neat!

There you have it…the basic crochet chain!

Here’s a video on how to put a slip knot on your hook:

And here’s one on how to crochet a chain step by step:

Want more crochet stitch tutorials? Check out my crochet stitch tutorial library!

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    1. That's funny, I did the same thing too! I remember reading about the "chain link" in a book a long time ago and thinking wow!

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