I made a few of these yesterday…I was experimenting with different ways to decorate eggs and I wanted to add a stitchy twist to some of them…cross stitch eggs!  I had to share this one, I thought they were fun to make.

To make cross stitch eggs, all you need are some eggs (brown or white), a pencil, and some fine tipped permanent markers.

I used the Sharpie “Ultra Fine Point” marker:

Start by drawing a grid on your egg, be sure to draw it as lightly as possible.  I drew mine a little heavy so you would be able to see it.  Mine was freehand too…but you could use a tape measure or masking tape for a straight edge if you choose.

Then for the most fun part…drawing on the stitches!  Be sure the eggs don’t have any condensation on them from being in the refrigerator, that will make the ink smudge.

My grid and cross stitches are extra big so you can see them, but if you’re after more detail, just make your grid lines closer together.  I ended up covering the egg with this design…you can do this on a plain egg or eggs that you have already dyed too…fun!

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