Because Barbie has (almost) everything…

…except this!  It was recently brought to my attention by a little person that Barbie needed a blanket.  Her house is pretty plastic, I think it needed a little handmade warmth too.  I made this afghan with a matching pillow.  In the photo below, I had these two circles left over from the scallops tutorial I did a while ago, now they are perfect throw rugs.  A cute hot pink (her signature color, of course) pom pom made a cute throw pillow to top it all off.

I had a lot of fun making these…now she truly has it all!

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5 thoughts on “Because Barbie has (almost) everything…

  1. Yes your a good Mum. I used up a lot of my scrap yarn (but time too) creating blankets pillows and more for my 3 girls Barbies and dolls. Then it was for their cats yes 3 of them 1 ea. Best thing is crafty Mums/Grandmas or Nans

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