Yikes!  The yarn area of my home is frightening!  After the New Year, I am itching to bring order back to my life.  I was reading this post from last spring and I thought I would share it with you today…it has inspired me to straighten some things up today…I feel like when my space is clutter free, so is my mind.

Click here for some organizing tips for knitters and crocheters!


  • Yarn stash management and sorting
  • Protecting yarn from moths and other unwelcome guests
  • Labeling
  • Tool Box 101
  • A work in progress bin
  • Buttons!  How to get them under control…
  • Printed pattern storage
  • Hook and needle storage
  • What to do with those yarn scraps

Each idea is either free or dirt cheap…totally worth the time and effort too.  I can’t wait to get started, plus it allows me to do a little “yarn gazing” too, is anyone else guilty of that?

I would LOVE to hear some ideas from you too, dear readers, please share them below!

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8 thoughts on “January Clean Up!

  1. Have a look at my three a day challenge underway at Chalky's World right now. Slowly,slowly catchee monkey.

    1. Great idea! I find that it is easier to do it bit by bit, but sometimes I have to tackle it all at once too! Sigh. 🙂 I love your idea about 3 things for charity, sometimes I think I only use a fraction of what I think I need.

  2. It is a good plan to start the year organizing! If you find you have too much yarn, maybe you´d like to join our "Start-Buster challenge". No pressure, just encouragement and inspiration.
    Best wishes,
    Ana BC

  3. I have my buttons in a big fishing-box (don't know what you call them in english). I have houndreds of buttons in different colours and sizes. I sort them by size and colour, special ones in zip lock bags and really small ones in small containers which I stack in one of the bigger slots in my box.

  4. You would cringe if you saw what the space next to me on the loveseat looks like — every time I buy a basket and try to keep only my current project in it, within a week's time, it becomes an overflowing mess again. Sort of like how things tend to pile up on the dining table. Why does that happen? I must get a little more organized this weekend. And have joined a stash busting challenge so will be busting away as much as I can. Good luck to you, Tammy

    1. I can't seem to keep my space clear either, I straighten it up, then a few days later…total mess! Oh well. 🙂

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