I’m having a gloriously lazy day today, sipping tea by the fire and working on a new scarf from under an afghan.

I hope you are ringing in the New Year just the way you want today, doing what you enjoy most!  So long for now, my spot on the sofa is waiting… 😉

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12 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I did this yesterday. Made a flowered beanie and two infinity scarves while sipping tea and wine coolers as the new year began. Happy Crocheting in the New Year!

  2. Jennifer, you are having the perfect kind of day, brilliant way to start the New Year,
    Hugs to you,

  3. Just found your web-site..so many cute ideas here:) I too have been knitting…well..trying to think of something to knit:) I have decided to try your butternut squash neck warmer…my daughter will love it!!

    Many Blessings,


  4. Is that Bernat Satin Grey Mist Heather I see there??? I doubled some of that & made some yummy scarves for family in Chicago where it is COLD!

    Sipping tea by the fire, eh? I AM SOOOO GREEN WITH ENVY!!! I'm doing laundry & trying to get the house back in order! Oh well, I can always live vicariously through you, dearest Jennifer! 😀 Bigelow Constant Comment & Earl Grey are lovely teas if you have not tried them & English Breakfast (also by Bigelow) is yummy, too. HUGS to you.

    1. Yes…a big tea lover here! I love all of those you mentioned…I like Bigelow's vanilla tea too…my new favorite is anything by Mighty Tea…a bit pricey, but divine!!! I love their "Hojicha Green Tea" Best green tea ever!

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