Snowfall Fleece Embroidered Scarf

The Snowfall Scarf is an easy to make scarf with sweet little embroidered snowflakes swirling around on a night sky fleece scarf. This pretty and easy to make project is perfect for a special person on your list and a fun depiction of a winter night sky!

The snowflakes are simple four petaled lazy daisies…check out my step by step lazy daisy tutorial!

The scarf shown here is embroidered with white yarn for larger and loftier snowflakes, but alternatively you could use embroidery floss for a more delicate snowflake.


  • 1 piece of fleece cut for a scarf (scarf shown is 72 inches long and 10 inches wide)
  • White yarn or white embroidery floss ( I used Red Heart Super Saver in “White”)
  • Needle (For yarn snowflakes, use a yarn needle like you would use for weaving in ends of a knitting or crochet project. For snowflakes made with embroidery floss, use a cross stitch/tapestry needle, I prefer a size 26, but it’s up to you).


  • Cut the fleece to the measurement that you like (measurements above are perfect for an adult or teen, make it a bit shorter for kids. Be sure to cut off any selvage too. (Basic tutorial for fleece scarves 4 different ways)
  • I chose a basic fringe scarf for this scarf…alternatively you could make a plain rectangle scarf as well. 
  • Cut a length of yarn or embroidery floss and thread it on the needle with a tail. 
  • Before you begin, plan how and where you would like the snowflakes to be. Lined up or randomly placed? All over the entire scarf or along the edge? 
  • Embroider as many snowflakes as you like!  I did two quick rows, but it would look equally pretty in an all over pattern too!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2019

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