How to Make an Initial Cut Out Scarf

For a gift with a special personalized touch, here is a personalized scarf with a cut out letter!  No sewing or embroidery required.  A few days ago I shared four different no-sew scarves…do you remember the one with the heart cut out?  This is the same scarf, but now with an initial at the other end.  This is a quick and easy gift that will make your recipient feel extra special when wearing it.

In case you missed it, here’s the scarf tutorial too:

Click here to make 4 last minute no-sew scarves

To make your scarf, start with the basic rectangle scarf (shown in green in the tutorial above, or pink if you like the heart too).  Be sure to cut off any selvage,

Selvage is a tightly woven edge that is part of the manufacturing process.  It is normally a strip, and looks different from the rest of the fabric.

Using a marking tool of some kind, draw or trace a letter.  You can do this freehand like I did, or you can use a stencil.  Another alternative would be to cut a letter from a magazine and trace, or print a large letter from your computer and cut it out to serve as a guide.

Try not to choose a font that is too fussy, simple block letters work best, and are easier to make clean cuts.

I cut the letter from the inside out, first making a snip (as shown below), and then working my way outward, ending with clean straight outer edges.  Be sure to make smooth clean cuts.  Fleece really shows any jagged cuts made.

Once your letter is cut out you’re done!

One more tip… you can do additional letters, but the trick here is to keep it short and sweet.  If you have a whole lot going on, the fabric starts to lose its integrity and the whole thing starts to just look holey and droopy.  I would suggest making the letters smaller if you are going to do more than one.  If you want to make something more lengthy, consider backing the scarf with another color fleece to give it stability.

These scarves would be cute to make for each member of the family…what a unique family photo that would make!

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