8 fun ways to embellish your hand stitched projects…

I love embellishments! They are so fast and easy and add a little something extra to your hand knitted or crocheted pieces. They are also a great way to use leftover scraps of yarn. Here are 8 little tutorials I’ve gathered up for you to spice up your next project.

Embroidered Lazy Daisy

Add one or make a whole garden of them!

Pom Poms

Add to a hat or use instead of fringe along the bottom of a scarf,


Fun to put on a blanket to finish it off, on top of a hat, or on a scarf,

Crochet Curlicue

Great for blankets, scarves, and as a fun hat topper too!

Tiny Stars

These cute little stars will add a little extra cheer to any project,

Tiny Hearts

Crochet a few of these one round hearts to add as an applique to just about anything,


A useful way to add a strong tie to hats, or make a few of them sprout from your hat!


Such a versatile and handy skill, use to add a name or simple design your project.

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