Variations of Crochet Scallop Edging (plus a fun practice project pattern!)

Now that we’ve mastered classic scallops, let try a variation…

 If you missed it yesterday,

Click here to learn how to crochet classic scallop/shell edging

Above are some different scallops all made with the concept of making 3 or more stitches in the same space to create a fan shape.  See how different?  I love to experiment and play around with stitches and discover how just subtle changes can make for a dramatic difference.  

Here is one variation shown above…it is extremely simple and fast.  For our practice project, start with a basic medallion (click here for a photo tutorial on how to make a basic medallion)

Here we’ll start with a foundation round of single crochet (shown here in purple).  Tie on your edging color (I chose pink),

Chain three,

Now work two more double crochet in the same space.  In the next space work one slip stitch.

In the next space work three double crochet all in the same space, next space work a slip stitch.

Keep going in this sequence (dc 3 in next space, sl st in next space) until you reach the end of the round.

Close the circle with a slip stitch and fasten off.

Lovely!  Use your practice project as a special coaster or doll house throw rug.

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One thought on “Variations of Crochet Scallop Edging (plus a fun practice project pattern!)

  1. Hi Jennifer! I love your blog! It is so easy to follow and the pics are great.
    I was hoping you could answer a question. I am making a granny square poncho for my daughter. I am going to scallop the edge. Do I turn the piece inside out before I start the base row of single crochet for the scallops? I just want to make sure the "right" or "correct" side of the sc is facing out.
    Thanks for everything!

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