How to Work the Purl Stitch

The purl stitch is the reverse of the knit stitch.  The purl stitch produces little “bumps” or ridges, versus the knit stitch which produces little “V”s.  It is worked the same way as knitting, working from left to right, moving each stitch from the left needle to the right needle. 

Left get started…after you’ve cast on, bring the yarn forward and insert your right needle into the top of the stitch that is on the left needle as shown below,

wrap the yarn around the top (right) needle only,

Carefully slide the top needle (right hand) down and under along with the loop, and bring that loop you’ve just made with the yarn from the top to the back with the right hand needle.  Now carefully push the new stitch off of the tip of the left needle.  The new stitch will now be on the right needle.

You’ve just purled a stitch!  Here’s what your new stitch should look like on the right needle.

This purl stitch along with the knit stitch will serve you well when making basic items as well as learning more complicated stitches.  Happy knitting to you!

Click below to watch a video on how work the purl stitch:

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