10 Adorable Hats For Special Little People

One of my missions in life is to keep little heads warm, my own kids, charity, or little people I know.  Every year I knit new hats for the upcoming cold season when little heads grow, for mamas to be who will put them on new babies, and for friends who need some hand stitched goodness.  

A major priority of mine too is charity work…every year I make a dozen or two hats for homeless kids in my area, and for NICU and preemie babies in local hospitals.

For all the special little people in your life, I’ve gathered some special hats to knit when the world needs our handmade lovelies most…

Baby In Bloom Hats

Cotton Candy Hat

Rock Candy Hat

Toddler Rugby Hat

Preschooler Rugby Hat

Lightning Fast NICU and Preemie Hats

Her Royal Highness Hat

Baby Bunny Newborn and Preemie Hats

Super Pink Hat

Baby Bear Newborn or Preemie Hats

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