Free Crochet Pattern…Modern Circles Garland!

The Modern circles garland is a fun and cheerful project that is perfect for a beginner or if you’re just looking for something easy and portable.  This is the perfect stash busting project too!  Each circle uses only a small amount of yarn.  Use the garland to add cheer to a playroom, make a party extra festive, or create one in seasonal colors for a statement piece on the mantle.

Modern Circles Garland

By Jennifer Dickerson


  • Each circle is approximately 3.5 inches wide
  • Length: as long as you want…just make as many circles as you need to reach desired length.


  • H Crochet Hook (5.0 mm)
  • Scraps of yarn in any colors you would like…get festive!
  • Tapestry needle for sewing the circles together.


Chain 6 and slip stitch into the first chain to form a ring.

Round 1: Make 12 dc into center of ring, join with a sl st to join round.

Round 2: Ch 3, 1 dc in first space, *2 dc into the next space, repeat from * to end of round, join with a sl st.

Round 3: Ch 3, 1 dc in the first space, *2 dc into the next space, 1 dc in the next space, repeat from * to end of round.

When you are finished, fasten the yarn off and cut leaving a 4-5 inch tail as shown in the photo below.  Do not weave in the tail just yet, you will use this tail to sew the circles together.

Once you’ve made the number of circles you need, you can sew them together.  The great thing about this garland is that you can always add to it later if needed.  Using the tail you left on each circle, sew it to another circle…four stitches with the tapestry needle are all it took for me to get it nice and secure.  Now you can weave in any ends that are left and you’re all finished!  Add a loop on each side for hanging if you like, I just hung mine on a hook…no loop needed.  Let the festivities begin!

© Jennifer Dickerson 2013

Please note: Patterns are for personal and charity use only.  In addition, if you enjoy the pattern, please link to it, but do not copy the pattern to your own website or blog (including other languages).  Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “Free Crochet Pattern…Modern Circles Garland!

  1. Jennifer, I love this garland. As you know my joining skills are limited at best, this pattern will allow me to give it another go.
    Thanks for posting it for all of us,

  2. Great find! My plan is to use this as a door curtain for my son. He sleeps in a room with no door. I could also use t hem as window curtains for my grandsons. They are running a little short on curtains.

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