Our visit to the alpaca farm…

We went to a cute little alpaca farm recently and saw a bunch of these guys…

The people who owned the farm were nice and super knowledgeable and answered all kinds of questions.  They had been shorn recently and looked so cute!  They sell roving and yarn undyed so when they all stood together you could get a good idea of the spectrum of natural colors…deep browns, chestnut, cream, black, and shades of beige.

Here’s a beautiful cream colored alpaca, and here’s another color I thought was lovely…a warm chocolatey brown.

They had two llamas too and passed by the fence to say hello to us.  I didn’t realize it before then how much bigger they are in comparison to the alpacas.

Hands down this guy was my favorite…shaggy and look at those teeth!  He definitely had some personality,

he stuck his cute little face through the fence to say hello too…

quite the charmer!

A fun little field trip for a yarnie, a good time was had by all!

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