Bobbles are such fun little things to add to your knitting projects. They can add a three-dimensional quality and add a little extra something to cables or lace knitting. This tutorial gives instructions on how to incorporate a basic bobble into your knitting. If you are following a specific pattern, the pattern will tell you how many stitches, etc. the particular bobble requires.

In this particular tutorial, we are going to make a five stitch bobble (bobble starts with one stitch, increases to five stitches, then back down to one stitch). I made a swatch with a few bobbles…to begin, knit to where you would like to place the bobble or where it is indicated in your pattern.

This bobble begins with one stitch. Knit into the front and back of the same stitch twice (4 stitches are on your needle now), then knit into the front of the same stitch. You should now have 5 stitches on your right hand needle.

Then turn your work and purl these five stitches,

Then turn your work again and knit the five stitches,

Turn and purl five stitches,

Then turn and knit five stitches again. See the bobble forming?

Now, lift the second stitch from the tip of your right hand needle needle up and over the first stitch and off the needle,

Now you have four stitches on the right hand needle (in addition to the rest on the row).

Do the same with the next stitch, now you have 3 stitches on the right hand needle,

And again so that there are are two remaining,

And finally again until there is one remaining stitch.

Now you have a bobble! Continue to the end of the row and you’re all finished!

Try making a bobble and adding it to something you are making…try a cluster of them or scattered across like fun little polka dots!

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3 thoughts on “How to Knit A Bobble

  1. thank you for your help. I have a question when I make a bobble it looks a bit lose on the left side. Is it normal or should it be attached on all sides?

    1. That is pretty normal…if you lift up the bobble on one side, it actually looks like more of a "pocket"

      To minimize any looseness, try tightening up the tension or giving each stitch a gently tug when working the bobble.

      Hope that helps! Happy knitting to you! 🙂

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