I’ve seen many ways to make tassels,
but I think this is the most easy and fuss-free way to make one…no
special tools needed except scissors!

They are super cute on hats, pillows,
or other home décor projects. I used a simple worsted weight yarn,
but as always, feel free to experiment with different yarns or even
other materials for a variety of effects.

Materials Needed:

  • Yarn (your choice)
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Ruler

Let’s begin!  First cut two pieces of yarn, each measuring about 12 inches long,

Holding the yarn like this, 

start winding yarn around four fingers,

Wind the yarn about 50 times around or so,

Then, with one of the strands of yarn, tuck it through your bundle without removing it from your hand as shown:

Carefully slip your hand from the yarn bundle and tie securely and as tightly as possible…it will look something like this:

About an inch or so down from where you tied the yarn, wrap then tie around two times, tying securely.

Cut the loops at the bottom and snip across if needed so all strands are uniform. Done!

Click below to learn how to make a tassel step by step:

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