Knit A Sweater In the Month of November…

November has arrived this week and with it brings the annual challenge to knit a sweater this month, also known as NaKniSweMo!

From the Ravelry group:

“How it works with NaKniSweMo: knit a 50,000-stitch sweater in a month.
Just about any full size sweater will meet this criteria! If you divide
your chosen sweater pattern’s rows or rounds by 30, you’ll have an idea
of how many rows you need to knit each day to make it. Yes, the stitch
count thing is crazy, but I think I can say with confidence that most
sweaters out there are at least that, or more.”

Check out the Ravelry group for more information and ideas here

I know it’s not technically a sweater, but I’m thinking the Caponcho (pattern here) would be nice…am I crazy to even think about knitting a sweater in the height of the holiday knitting season?!?

I have some lovely yarn in a soft brown that would look fabulous…oh the internal conflicts of a knitter!

Perhaps I should visit this Ravelry group instead:

Village Hopelessly Overcommitted

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