Just finished a cute little gift for an artsy person I know…

Here’s the Ravelry pattern:

 “Patty” Knitting Pattern

(Mine looks a little different because I used US 10.5 instead of the prescribed US 7, which yielded a looser looking fabric, instead of the crochet loop, I just made a length of i-cord and stitched it on)

I’ve discovered these travel mugs that you can put your own pictures in, I recently stuck some origami paper in one and this one I plan to put (not shown in this picture) a blank piece of watercolor paper so she can pretty it up any way she pleases.

PS The button is one my Nana let me take from her totally awesome button collection along with some other pretty vintage ones…this one is from the 70’s…cute!!

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4 thoughts on “FO Coffee Cup Cozy

  1. Grandma Pamma
    May I sell some of the finished products that you have created on a small scale, such as craft fairs? I have clinical depression and going out to sell items at the fairs helps me with this problem. I thank you for your time!

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