Big Giveaway from Red Heart Yarns!

Around here at Fiber Flux, we have so much to celebrate right now! A brand new YouTube channel that has been a huge success with 7,000+ subscribers, seven million visitors to the blog, and tomorrow is Fiber Flux’s third birthday! Red Heart Yarns is sponsoring an incredible giveaway to get the party started!

Most of all this giveaway celebrates all of you! Thank you lovelies for making the Fiber Flux community so awesome!

This giveaway includes:

  • 6 skeins of Red Heart With Love
  • 4 skeins of Red Heart Anne Geddes Baby
  • 2 skeins of Red Heart Boutique Magical
  • 2 skeins of Red Heart Reflective
  • 2 skeins of Red Heart Boutique Treasure
  • 2 skeins of Red Heart Sassy Fabric
  • 1 skein of Red Heart Sashay
  • Set of Susan Bates Knitting Needles
  • Set of Susan Bates Crochet Hooks
  • A Red Heart Tape Measure
  • And…A Red Heart Tote Bag to put it all in!

***Congratulations to Christine H!!!  I have sent you an email so you can get all of your goodies.  Thank you to everyone entered, it was a lot of fun!***

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500 thoughts on “Big Giveaway from Red Heart Yarns!

  1. Since I still haven't used any Red Heart yarn, because I haven't found them in Greece yet, I'd love to try them all; I definitely want to make a beanie with the reflective yarn, though.
    A big thank you to Red Heart Yarns for the prize and happy (early) birthday to Fiber Flux! ^_^

  2. I love it all! Partial to green, I'd have to say the Redheart Love skein. I'd make a warm and toasty afghan with it, maybe a few Infinity Scarves for gifting next Christmas!

  3. The Sashay looks lovely ~ I'd like to try making a scarf for my daughter with it. Thanks for holding this contest and giving us a chance to win all the awesome yarn. xo

  4. I would love the baby yarn! After a streak of 5 boys, a family member is finally expecting a girl! Girls are so fun to crochet for! 🙂

  5. The only yarn in this giveaway, I have used, is With Love and I love using it! (I bought some on sale yesterday to make some more chemo hats.) Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. what a great giveaway! i'm in love with boutique magical, already started on this years christmas gift for someone with that particular yarn

  7. What a fantastic giveaway. There is a baby coming in the family and I think a crochet blanket would be the perfect gift!

  8. I would LOVE this!! I haven't found the reflective or the red heart with love in my Walmart yet, so I'd love to get a chance to try it!! 🙂

  9. I am loving your blog as a crochet newbie:) if I won this red heart package the sassy fabric has me curious as to what I could make with it. There are lots of potential scarves in there too. Thanks for all your hard work in sharing such helpful and beautiful pattern

  10. I'm thinking I want to try the Red Heart Boutique Magical. as to what I would make… I'm not sure…. maybe a cute cowl – looks like it would be a good yarn for one that would be good year around.

  11. I have not had the opportunity to use the newer boutique yarns, but I know With Love is probably their best plied acrylic. I would love to try any of the newer lines!

  12. My favorite skein would be… ALL of them! 😀 Who can resist any of those colors or textures? I would use them in the lap blankets I make for charity.

  13. Oooohhhh!! Definitely salivating here!! Would love to win this!! Congratulations on your blog BD, and your success–new follower here but looking forward to checking out the YouTube vids and reading the blog! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Awesome giveaway. I don't ever win things like this but nothing to loose rignt. Lol I've never been able to try the boutique type red heart yarns but they are so lovely. Red heart with love is my favorite brand.

  15. I can't wait to work with the reflective yarn! My lil boy loves all things construction. This red heart yarn is perfect for a class 2 beanie 🙂

  16. Thank you for giving us all a chance to win! 🙂 I think my favorite, just from looking at the photo, is the blue and grey Magical skein. I've been learning crochet, and now that I'm getting the hang of it, I'd like to try a little knitting. That's probably what I'd make is something knit to get started. Other than that, I have saved quite a lot of crochet patterns waiting to be attempted!

  17. I have not tried the Red Heart Boutique Magical! Would make a hat for myself and if enough left, fingerless gloves!

  18. Havent tried the Red heart yarns yet but the reflective would be awesome for my girls while they were out biking in the neighborhood!! woot woot!! hope I win!! <3 me some yarn!!!

  19. I'd use the Anne Geddes yarn to crochet some beanies for my daughter to wear (if I win, I better hurry, she's due in March)

  20. I love the boutique magical! so pretty! Right now I am really into granny square blankets, so I would probably make a granny square blanket for my grandma who lives in Arizona. I haven't seen her in almost 10 years ;o( so it would be nice to send her something made by me.

  21. Would love to win as I have a new granddaughter on the way. As well as I crochet for the pregnancy resource center here locally. Any donations are always welcome.

  22. Incredible prize!
    My favourite is the Sassy fabric, and I'd use the soft yarns to create blankets to donate to my local Children's hospital

  23. I'd like to try out the boutique magical yarn! I love the treasure yarn and it is used to make one of my best selling items! I'd probably go with a hat and infinity scarf set.

  24. What a great giveaway!!!! Happy Birthday!!! I would love to try the reflective yarn …. I would make a scarf for my teenage daughter.

  25. thank you so much for this giveaway, I use Red Hear yarn with most of my crocheting hard to say which one I would prefer but I have used the Red Heart With Love and the Super Saver yarn

  26. The Boutique Magical looks awesome – i'm itching to get my hands on that and probably make *another* afghan!

  27. I love the magical, made wristers with them, but would love to try the Anne Geddes baby yarn to make some soft newborn photography props.

  28. I honestly don't know which yarn I love most, they are all gorgeous! I would either make a lovely blanket or lots of small things with it 🙂 Amazing competition! <3

  29. I just love YARN! Any YARN! I love making afghans, baby items, sweaters/wraps, etc. This would keep me busy for about 2 weeks! Lol

  30. What a great package!!!!! I wouldn't know where to start honestly! There are so many wonderful patterns on the Red Heart site alone that I would love to make!

  31. The Boutique Magical looks awesome! I'd love to make a cowl out of it. It looks really soft and I love the color variation.

  32. can't found Red Heart yarn here in Indonesia, would love to try that refleftive yarn, saw pictures of people wearing them, it's awesome.. and also would like to start learning knitting with that susan bates needles…

  33. The green with love one, very pretty colour. However it wouldn't be me making, as my partner is the crochet-er – I'd give it to her and tell her to make me something 😛

  34. My favorite is With Love, but I'd make something really precious for my granddaughter with the Anne Geddes Baby yarn.

  35. I love the Red Heart Reflective yarn, and the first thing I would make would be Boot Leggings. Great giveaway, and thank you! <3

  36. I just found the reflective, and I would love to give it a go as a headband for my daughter to use walking back and forth from her evening classes!

  37. Everything looks so lovely! I think I most want to play with the Reflective yarn and have fun photographing it. I think I would make a hat with Reflective stripes, first. 🙂

  38. I would make fun arm warmers or head bands with the reflective yarn. I can not find any in the stores here and I want to play with some so bad!!!

  39. Boutique Magical is my favorite. I would make a shawl to wear around the campfires and when its a bit chilly when sitting outside. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  40. i hear so many good things about Red Heart but have never been fortunate enough to use it – so would love love love to win this prize

    1. I would love to try the baby yarn. My goal is to make one thing for charity every month this year, and would make newborn hats!

  41. I'd look forward to trying the Anne Geddes and the Reflective yarns – and probably make baby/kids items with it. I'd also look forward to the knitting needles since I've been thinking of learning. Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Favorite skein is definitely the with love yarn – it's such a classic. One of my favorite hats is made from it. 🙂

  43. Love all the yarn there! I am really looking forward to try the reflective yarn. I wanna make little doggy sweaters with it. Oh my I would be crocheting for a while.

  44. What an awesome opportunity! I'd love to win. I love the Sashay yarn and I would make a baby or toddler tutu and lots of hats with the rest. I'd also love to learn to knit. Thank you for the opportunity and Happy Birthday Fiber Flux!

  45. The reflective to knit a snood for my dogs when they go on their early morning walks. Thank you for the chance to win

  46. I don't follow Twitter…… That makes less entries, but I hope I win!! I've been making Chemo Caps for my downstairs neighbor who is having brain surgery on 2/27/14 to remove a tumor. 🙂

  47. I am thinking that right now, the reflective is my fav and I would be making some protective wear as I have an outdoor running student . . so this will help to keep warm and to keep safe with drivers in the dark . . thank you for the opportunity . . .

  48. I am not sure that I can pick a favorite. I love them all. Red Heart is my favorite yarn. I think that most of the yarn I own is Red Heart. Happy Birthday Fiber Flux! 🙂 I would love to win this awesome giveaway, I am in the middle of working on 3 Red Heart free patterns at the moment, but if I won this giveaway I would find something great to create.

  49. I havea lot of pattern for the love yarn and the reflective yarn. I would really love to try these accessories for my daughter.

  50. Congrats and thank you for this opportunity to win such an amazing prize! As a beginner hooker I am too intimidated to purchace such nice yarns. The bright colours would be perfect for toques for the local homeless.

  51. I love Unforgettable and the wonderful color changes. It works up great for scarfs, shawls, and slippers! Looking forward to the reflective when they get it in my town!

  52. Some of these yarns are not available where I am–I would love to try them out. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  53. I love ALL of Red Heart's products. The quality and price simply can't be beat. I've made many cherished items using Red Heart yarn over the years and they not only maintain their quality, but hold up remarkably well.

  54. Been wanting to try 'With Love' and
    'Anne Geddes Baby' for a minute now…of course I am sure to find an awesome pattern to use on Red Heart's site!

    1. Love Red Heart Love! I use it for a lot of my hats because it's thicker, which is great when you live where it's winter for 6 months out of the year. 🙂

  55. I really like Red Heart with Love and the colors are so cheery. I think I'd look at a lapghan or a prayer shawl.

  56. I can't choose just one to love! I haven't tried the sashay yarn, but I found a toddler skirt/tutu pattern that uses it and I have been dying to try it out for my daughter!

  57. I love Red Heart Yarn! I would love to win this. I really enjoy try different yarns and patterns. Thank you for this opportunity!

  58. Red Heart Boutique Magical is one I would love to try! I am sure I would make a scarf they are my favorite and I have lots of patterns in waiting 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous prize package.

  59. Fabulous giveaway! I really want to try the "Magical" yarn – I think that could work up some great Fiber Flux patterns!

  60. I love the Red Heart Boutique yarns. The ones that jumped out were Boutique Treasure and Magic. I want to make small project bags. I like so many and the ideas are endless

  61. I have been dying to try my hand a project with the reflective yarn! I thought about trying a tote bag with it first! 🙂

  62. Love, love, love Red Heart Yarn! I have a few friends who are runners with birthdays just around the corner and the reflective yarn would be perfect!

  63. I would love to make a bay afghan with the Anne Geddes Baby yarn and I would love to make scarves with the other yarns for a local women's shelter.

  64. Would love to try the with love yarn but they all look so nice!!! I would love to win this, I never win anything. 🙂

  65. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I am excited to try out the "Magical" yarn and the "Anne Geddes Baby". I am eager to use the "Magical" yarn for a beautiful scarf for the wonderful missionaries who visit my children. I also can't wait to utilize the "Anne Geddes Baby" to make baby sets for babies in need.

  66. I'm not sure which one to start with. My friend is going to teach me how to knit and crochet and this would give me a nice little stash to start with!

  67. I especially like Red Heart Boutique Treasure. I'd like to be able to make the Painted Wool Vest. It's just one of my favorite patterns using the Boutique Treasure.

  68. I haven't tried any Red Heart yarns, but I really want to try Boutique Magical and Boutique Treasure!! Gonna make shawl and hats for my niece and nephews <3

  69. opps see what happen when you don't read the directions the reflections sounds very interesting I make alot of baby items so that is prob what most of it would be used on

  70. Cannot believe I haven't seen your site before, but count me in! Added myself for e-mail updates and your contest.
    Congrats on 3 years!

  71. I would love the baby yarn. I have quite a few expectant mothers who would love a handmade baby sweater or blanket.

  72. Ohh!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!! That baby yarn, added to the stash I just bought, could make some gorgeous blankets!

  73. I have seen some nice scarves online made with Sashay but can't find that yarn around here so that would be the one I would most like

  74. I love the Red Heart Boutique Magical because it has such great variety in one skein. I'm thinking off a bag I'd REALLY love to make with it!

  75. Red heart is the only yarn I use. It is so reliable to not fray as you get into the skein like other yarns brands do. The assortment of colors is amazing!!!

  76. Red Heart Anne Geddes Baby would have to be my favorite. I would make something for my nieces baby that's due any day now.

  77. I would have to say that the Red Heart Boutique Magical is my favorite in the stash. I would probably make myself a beautiful, yummy scarf out of it. We have had a bad winter and this would sure brighten my day.

  78. My favorite would have to be Sashay as I have never made a spiral/ruffle scarf before and would love to. I would make lots of items to sell as I lost my job 8 months ago and the unemployment has run out. So I am looking for ways to make money to pay bills.

  79. I'm in love with all of the Red Heart Boutique yarns lately … love the magical and have used it to make really interesting "artsy" scarves. Would love to try it on one of your patterns. Thanks for sharing all that you share! 🙂

  80. I have a friend expecting very soon, so I would make her some cozy baby accessories with the Anne Geddes Baby yarn!

  81. I would love to try the reflective yarn. I would make hats or scarves for my granddaughters so that they would be more safe at night.

  82. This giveaway is Awesome … It is to hard to just pick one. I would have to go with the baby yarn. We just discovered that we have a whole lot of babies coming soon. I could use some baby yarn. I would love to try the Sashay yarn. That would be great while making a diaper cover or two 🙂 I hope you pick me 🙂

  83. Since I have mostly made items for babies I would have to say Red Heart Anne Geddes Baby. I would make more baby items. Although I would love to try all of the other yarns from Red Heart.

  84. I crochet daily, enjoy making afgans to donate to military, along with hats for soldiers deployed overseas. I am expecting my first Great Grandchild this summer so I am working on baby items. Love your patterns, and red heart yarns are a delight to work with.

  85. I would love to try Anne Geddes Baby yarn! I cannot find it in Sedalia, MO. I would love to make a baby blanket with matching hat for a new grand-son.

  86. Thank you for the chance to win. I really like the Red Heart Boutique Magical yarn. I'd like to make scarves with it. 🙂

  87. I have used most of the yarns on the give away and really like the Love yarn. I'd love to try the Red Heart Reflective in an afghan or other items I've seen patterns for recently. I'm currently on the Red Heart Crochet Yarn Checkerboard Textures Throw Crochet Along using the Soft yarn. I do not go anywhere without a yarn project to occupy my waiting time and have found it very interesting when strangers approach to talk to me about what I'm making.

  88. What an amazing giveaway!! There's a few birthdays coming up so I would definitely make some birthday gifts and of course more cute hats and all that for little girls. 😀

  89. i have been eye balling the reflective yarn, but i haven't been able to find it in a store near by :/ this is an awesome giveaway!

  90. What an awesome giveaway! I really am intrigued by the "Magical" yarn and would make a fun scarf or hat.

  91. Picking a favorite is always hard. I would say Anne Geddes Baby. Obviously I would make outfits for the 2 new babies in the family.

  92. I love the greens and yellow! I would make lots of booties, blankets, and hats for my baby 🙂 I'm 6 months pregnant!

  93. This is great!! I love the Red Heart Sassy Fabric. I have a dress pattern for my baby girl that I want to use it in.

  94. I've used a lot of Red Heart yarn but I still haven't gotten a chance to work with Love yet also I'd love to work with Magical, it looks like it would make some really gorgeous cowls.

  95. My favorite skein would be the With Love, but I like all of them and I would have to check out all the Fiber Flux patterns to find something to make with all of them.

  96. I love this yarn there is alot here I have not had a chance to try, I would love to win it to have the opportunity to try them,I am trying to make things to sell for some income my husband has had 3 heart attacks and I have been trying to get disability for over a year,this would be a blessing to win this!

  97. I normally use the Red Heart with Love but I'd LOVE to try the other types of yarn! I could make anything from them–maybe some baby booties or hats for my new little one on the way.

  98. This is such a great giveaway! I would love to try all these yarn types. I only have the love and super saver at stores near me so these would be a great way to try them out 😉

  99. The Red Heart Boutique Magical yarn is so beautiful! I love that especially! I can picture myself either making a beanie out of it or a really fluffy amigurumi!

  100. I love the Boutique magical yarn. Im thinking a nice cowl or shawl for my mother in law would look great with this yarn

  101. i love red heart yarn, i love to crochet and wright now i am making scarfs for my church for christmas boxes i love to do this and i hope you all take time to crochet soming for somebody in need love your yarn

  102. Happy 3rd Birthday FF!!! I just love your blog and my mom and I use several patterns quite a bit! I recommend you to anyone looking, too. Gotta promote fellow Crocheters! Thank you for making this my first place to come for so many FREE patterns and good kinship as well. I can't wait to see what you do next, because I'll probably try and do it, too!

    Also, thank you to Red Heart for being such an INCREDIBLE giveaway! I live in the states but I've yet to hear of most of these different kinds. I do love the With Love yarns. Super soft! Good luck to everyone!!!


  103. Like the With Love, would make a lovely shawl with it, though the magical would do as well for one too. Hmm, maybe an afghan. So hard to choose. Thank you!

  104. With Love is my favourite from this giveaway. 6 skeins would work up into a lovely crochet blanket/throw!

    Thanks for the great giveaway, and happy birthday to FiberFlux, too. 🙂

  105. I love, love, love Red Heart yarns. I've used Red Heart for most of my projects, since I started knitting and crocheting. This year I made several scarves from the Sashay yarn, and I love them. This is such a nice giveaway. Anyone would be so happy to receive this. It would be like Christmas!

  106. I like them all but Red Heart Anne Geddes Baby looks wonderful. Not sure what I would make but for sure some scarfs for next winter.

  107. the only problem with getting so many new yarns at once is that I'd spend all my knitting time on the Internet looking for new patterns instead of knitting 🙂

  108. Red Heart with Love~ it is SO soft, made a scoodie with it and turned out so good. A spring Shawl would be lovely worked up in it, that is what I would choose.

  109. Congratulations on your third anniversary! I love all of your crochet patterns.

    I can't wait to try the new Reflectve yarn. My hubby goes out jogging at 3:30 in the morning and I am so worried about him not being visible enough to drivers. In a hat made out of the Reflective yarn, I know he will be seen and will be safer.

  110. I absolutely LOVE Red Heart With Love – it's one of my go-to yarns for making stuffed animals. I like to keep several skeins in various colors on hand for little parts and pieces, so this would be a fantastic addition 🙂

  111. Such an awesome giveaway. Because I'm a newbie crocheter, I haven't used some of the yarns but I like With Love. And, I just received my first set of Susan Bates Crystalites crochet hooks. I think some of the projects I could do would be a baby blanket or caps. More scarves. Possibly a dog sweater 🙂


  113. So glad for the chance to win this give away, I would like to try the baby yarn to do afew blankets that I want to make for friends.

  114. I need these to make my amigurumi items that I sell @kits_crochet on ig to help with the needs of my Psychiatric Service Dog.

  115. Wow, what a lovely giveaway! I've only just discovered the Red Heart With Love yarn, and it's been an instant favorite! My favorite thing to make is afghans/blankets, so that's probably what i'd use it for.

  116. I'm loving the Sassy Fabric right now and will make some more of my skirt design with it for my girls 🙂

  117. I love all the Red Heart Boutique Yarns they make very pretty and cool scarfs and cowls. Red Heart has really started making some very cool Yarns I would also like to try the new reflective yarn. Thanks for having this great giveaway.

  118. Thank you so much for the giveaway! My favorite yarn up there is the Red Heart with Love! I'd have to make an awesome blanket with it!

  119. I would love to play with the reflective yarn there are so many patterns that this yarn could be awesome for ♥

  120. Thanks for the giveaway! I would really love to try the Anne Geddes baby yarn. I have some great patterns for baby hats I've been wanting to make. I don't have any babies, but I LOVE to make baby stuff!

  121. I have only ever used red heart super any in the bag would be a treat for me …I would use it to make something for my daughters and my 2 grand babies….thank you and congrats

  122. All of them!! & whatever the yarn tells me to make with it!! Thank you for the chance to win some amazing yarns & congrats on reaching so many goals!!!

  123. The Red Heart Boutique (if it is the one I think it is) will become crocodile booties for one of my three girls.

  124. I would love the with Love yarn because I'm going to be making some wedding gifts for two upcoming weddings in my family!

  125. I want to try the reflective yarn, make a cool coat for the great dane so when he is out at night we can maybe see him!

  126. I think the Anne Geddes yarn. I have a new grand niece and I live on a very fixed income ,it would be nice to be able to crochet something that she can save and maybe use for her first child, an heirloom of sorts for the next generations to come!

  127. Red Heart With Love – I'd probably make a beautiful shawl, poncho, or shirt of some kind for spring! Lovely color.

  128. I love Red Heart Boutique Treasure and I would use it to make shawls. Would love to try the Anne Geddes! and Reflective!

  129. Wow – so many ideas for this yarn! The baby yarn is always my favorite and I'd jump into making hats and sleep sacks right away!

  130. Fiber flux is my go to site on tutorials and patterns. This is an awesome giveaway and I'd love to have the red heart boutique and reflective yarns.

  131. Love the Red Heart Giveaway on Fiber Flux. My favorite yarn is the Red Heart with Love. I would crochet a star blanket or a granny square blanket with the yarn.

  132. Anne geddes yarn is wonderful to work with…same with the with love…this would be lovely to win 🙂

  133. Those yarns all look so wonderfull! I would love to try out that fabric yarn, to try and make some flower brooches with it 🙂
    Great give-away! Thanks for the opportunity to participate! 😀

  134. Wow, so much yarn, so MANY possibilities. I've really enjoyed working with the Boutique Midnight yarn, so I'm really excited to try the other Boutique yarns in this giveaway. And the Ann Geddes baby yarn would be simply fabulous! to try!

  135. Red Heart Boutique Treasure and I think I would make a shawl. Thank you ever so much for such a fantastic giveaway!

  136. Boutique Magical is my favorite yarn shown… I would use it to make a hat or a scarf… it is such a soft beautiful yarn…

  137. I'd love to try the Boutique Treasure, to make a wearable of some sort. I usually limit myself to very large skeins of yarn, because I don't have a nearby craft shop and shipping to my area is high, so these little beauties would be a real treat :3

  138. Happy 3rd birthday. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Honestly I haven't tried to use any red heart yarn here in Australia but I read the reviews about it and I'm so excited to use it for my son and husband's sweaters. 🙂

  139. I would make my grand daughter a dress with the Sashay Yarn and Red Heart With Love! But I do want to try the Reflective yarn too.

  140. I love all Yarn but looking forward to seeing the Ann Geddes Yarns. I would make some pretty Sweater and or Hats for my grand-children.

  141. What a great giveaway I would be so happy to win it, I would make afghans for all family members that I could with it..Also make Chemo hats for the Cancer center patients!! Angel hugs and happy stitches. Sandi

  142. Well done, looks like you have been doing great work getting crochet out there and it's been great for a learner like me to have so many amazing resources so easily available.

  143. Oh! I love all the yarns and since I am from Greece I haven't try any of them… So this giveaway is a very nice chance for me, isn't it?

  144. I would make my nieces and nephews house slippers and matching amigurumi pals!! I would use the love yarn.

  145. WOOHOO!!!!! What a deal! They even have the reflective which seems impossible to get a hold of! yes I would love this!

    I'd like the reflective because I've been making covers for my dog's collar!

  146. Always use With Love for Hats and scarfs.
    With several new babies due in the family I would be stitching up a few baby sweaterscwith Anne Geddes Baby yarn fist!!

  147. Awesome, free yarn and hooks 🙂 don't know the name the yarn types but … I'd like to make flowers out of the yellow

  148. Happy birthday! I was oogling the Boutique Treasures in the store…would probably make something simple to best show off the range of colors!

  149. I would love to try the Red Heart Sashay Yarn, Its been some what of a intimidation for me too try. I would love to design and create a beautiful top with it 🙂

  150. I love the Anne Geddes Baby. I have a new granddaughter and grandson and I love making them new outfits, blankies and toys.

  151. I've not tried all these yarns yet, but I do like Red Heart With Love. I would love to make some Fiber Flux cowls as gifts.

  152. I'm just now getting back into crocheting after a long hiatus… this would be a great sampler package to learn about the different yarns.

  153. I already know that I love 'With Love' as it is so soft and the colors are delightful (I'm in two afghan CALs using this yarn) but I'm anxious to try the Boutique Treasure and Magical lines for some fun accessories. I'm sure I could put it all to use, for myself, family, friends and charity projects I'm getting started on.

  154. I haven't used any of these …but I'd love to try them!!! I'd make scarves/arm or wrist warmers/head warmers etc etc! Oh and some slippers for my kids! 🙂

    Leanne Mc ldmcrae @ yahoo .com

  155. Thank you so much for presenting this special treasure. I'm always crazy for "Baby Yarn", but I'd LOVE to try the Red Heart Boutique Magical! I can hardly wait to see who wins!

  156. Hard to pick a favorite,. but the magical looks so nice, i like to crochet in red heart yarns but i want to try to learn how to knit.
    What would i make…. i would like to try and make a cardigan for me and my smallest boy loves to get home made things clothes and toys.

  157. I would really like to try Magical as it is a yarn I have not worked with yet. I do love the Anne Geddes Baby and have made an afghan with it. Thanks for hosting!

  158. I have never used any of the yarn listed. I would love to have some to work with. Red Heart Super saver is what I use all the time. Would make them work with what different things I crochet.

  159. I love the Sashay yarn, and I would make a scarf with it. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  160. Sashay all the way but I'd probably first end up making a baby gift or two for a friend's first, due early this summer.

  161. I'd love to try the Anne Geddes Baby yarn. I'll make a baby blanket for my 6months old baby boy. Great giveaway! Great blog too!

  162. I'm working on some things for a friend's about to be born baby so the baby yarn would come in handy for my current projects. Love it all – thanks for the chance to win.

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