CAL: Starting Chain and Single Crochet

Good morning lovelies!  Thanks for stopping by for the CAL, we’re so glad you’re here.  Today we’ll be diving right into our project…the starting chain and the first single crochet section!  I hope you are as excited as I am, Fridays lately have been so much fun!

In case you missed it, so far we’ve selected our hook and yarn, and last week read through the pattern and made a test swatch.

If you haven’t joined us yet, no worries!  You can jump in anytime, we’ll be working on our cowls throughout the month of April, we’re taking our time and covering all aspects of the project.  That being said, if you choose to go a little faster, that’s OK too, just make sure whatever you do you are enjoying yourself and having fun!  That’s what it is all about.

Let’s begin…

Our pattern (click here for pattern) like many others starts with a chain.  Our pattern specifies to chain 16.  I want to mention here that although I went down one hook size, I still plan to make the pattern along with you exactly as specified as to not complicate things.

Here is what the starting chain of 16 will look like.  If you heed help with your chain or perhaps a little refresher, click here for a full photo tutorial.

Next, check out your chain…in the second chain from your hook, make a single crochet in that chain.

(Click here for a full photo tutorial on how to single crochet)

Now all the way across, make a single crochet in each chain.  Sometimes that last chain can be a bit fiddly or tighter than the others,

You might need to hold the yarn tail to pull it apart a bit to get your hook in there.  Now work a single crochet in the last chain as well.  Let’s all cheer now…our first row is complete!

Now let’s move right along to the second row…to transition to the second row, chain 1,

and turn…now it should look like this.

Now work a single crochet in that very first stitch and in every stitch across.  You will continue working in this manner until your single crochet section measures six inches from the beginning.  Sometimes single crochet can be stiffer than other stitches because of the close proximity of all of the stitches all clustered together, if this bothers you, try working it with a larger hook to see if you like that better.

Here’s what it will look like after a few rows, I sure do love that color!

As a side note, I made a weird discovery when working on this project…do you notice those white linty looking things dotting my project in the two photos above?  I kept thinking that they were fuzz balls from other yarn, etc.  Not the case!  I had to do a little research on my yarn label and online and because it is called Simply Soft “Eco” the white things are actually remnants of recycled water bottles.  Pretty cool in theory, but I am not loving the white linty things all over my project!  Has anyone else seen this before?

I hope you all have a wonderful spring weekend full of stitchery goodness and everything else that makes your heart sing…Happy Friday!

Don’t forget to share your progress and ideas:

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10 thoughts on “CAL: Starting Chain and Single Crochet

  1. I have started my cowl. I am using lion brand in white. My cowl is measuring about 5" wide. Does that sound about right? It looks wider in the photo.

    1. Mine is measuring about 5 inches too…I'm using an I hook though. After reading your comments about mine looking a little wide, I went back and re-examined mine and sure enough, that thing was too wide! I have no idea how I did that! Anyway I ripped it out and started all over…and now it is at around 5 inches. Whew!

    1. I also wanted to mention that when we move onto the double and treble sections, you may notice that your cowl may get a little wider than your single crochet section. That is totally normal due to the nature of the stitches being less tight than the single crochet.

  2. oooops! I just was reading the directions that I printed off and noticed your note about the width. I think mine will be fine but it still looks wider in the photo. I will keep crocheting.

  3. Hi,
    I am so glad you are doing this tutorial. I have an awful, awful time being sure I am doing the last stitch in a row unless I count every time. How do I know without counting? My straight edges start slanting after awhile.

    1. Are they slanting inward or growing wider? One thing you could do is to put a stitch marker on that last stitch so you know when you are coming to it and you might be less likely to pass it over. Hope that helps!

  4. thanks Jennifer for replying to my comments. I feel much better now knowing that I am doing okay. Can't wait for tomorrow.

    1. Yay! The great thing about crochet too is that it is pretty easy to rip back if you need to. I think I have pulled apart about a million projects apart by now, including my CAL project! (Thanks again for your eagle eye about the width!!!)

      I'm looking forward to it too!!! 🙂

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