Butternut Squash Crochet Neckwarmer, Free Pattern + Video

butternut squash neckwarmer crochet neck wrap free pattern

Just as the first hints of fall are in the air, here is the Butternut Squash Crochet Neckwarmer!  Crocheted with a simple but beautiful V stitch sequence, and with a lovely button enclosure, this is a fabulous and lightning fast project that you can have finished before the first autumn leaf falls from the tree.  Make one for yourself and several for others as we approach gift making season!

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  • N (9.0 mm) Crochet Hook
  • 106 yards of super bulky weight yarn (I used 1 Skein Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick Solids in the “Butterscotch” colorway)
  • 2 Buttons (Note: this neckwarmer does not have button holes, it uses the lacy holes in the garment as button holes.  When selecting your buttons be sure they will comfortably fit through the holes before sewing them on.
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or tape measure
buttons for the butternut squash neckwarmer pattern


  • Width-6.5 inches
  • Length-the neck warmer pictured is 26 inches long.  If you need yours to be a bit longer, just work extra rows as needed until desired length is reached.
butternut squash neckwarmer free crochet pattern shown unbuttoned


Ch 19

Foundation Row: In the 4th chain from the hook, work dc, ch 1, dc in the same ch. *Skip two chains and work dc, ch 1, dc in the same ch. Repeat from * to end, then in the last ch, work 1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc in the same ch.

Row 1: Turn, ch 3 and work dc, ch 1, dc in each of the chain 1 spaces from the previous row (center of each “V”). At the end of the row, finish with a dc in the last space (ch 3 turning space).

Repeat row 1 until neck warmer is desired length.

Watch how to crochet the Butternut Squash Crochet Neckwarmer stitch by stitch:


Weave in ends and you’re all finished!  Sew buttons with placing them as shown below:

Happy crocheting lovelies!

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70 thoughts on “Butternut Squash Crochet Neckwarmer, Free Pattern + Video

  1. Thank you for this wonderful neckwarmer and I appreciate that you use readily available yarn. 🙂 I will be making some of these for Christmas gifts. 🙂

    1. You are so welcome! I usually prefer to use yarn for gifts that is easy to care for…I enjoy hand washing and blocking, but not everyone else does I'm sure:)

    1. I just finished the fiona button scarf 4 my grand daughter in law who just had a neck operation & I hope she enjoys the scarf. I purchased the color that was in the picture & it was a beauty when finished. My next scarf is going to be the butternut 1 & my grand daughter in law is a blond so it should be marvelous on her. Thanks 4 such wonderful patterns. I also make hats 4 newborns & take them 2 hospitals & also hats for chemo patients.

  2. THANK YOU!! I was looking for a very sinple project to begin crocheting again. This is perfect. Thank you for your gift of this free pattern.

  3. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful patterns & tutorials. This neckwarmer was exactly what I was looking for! I also love those buttons with the big holes. It looks like you sewed them on with the same yarn. That really makes the buttons stand out. Very clever idea! I even went to AC Moore today with my 40% off coupon & bought the yarn. Now all I need is to find the time to crochet it. 🙂

  4. beautiful neck warmer and I love the color, I totally plan on making a few… what size are the buttons you used?


    1. Thanks! They were about 1.5 inches wide…I tested them first by slipping them through one of the holes before I sewed them on though…hope that helps! 🙂

    2. Thank you. It does help. What is the actual name of the color you used, I really do love it and want to make a bunch for a group that I am part of.

  5. I made one like this as a gift to a friend. Thank you for sharing the pattern. Very easy to follow, it didn't take me long to finish. I would love to make another one soon!

    1. Thank you, so glad you like it! You can follow either by entering your email above to receive each post in your inbox, or you can become a follower of the blog by clicking on the "join this site" button above…

      Happy crocheting to you!

  6. Thank you for sharing this great pattern! I have been looking for a small project to expand my crochet skills and to have something to do while waiting in the car at school pickups, etc.

  7. I drive a school bus and load/unload wheelchairs. I can't wear scarfs as they get in the way when I bend down to secure/unsecure the chairs. I've been looking for a pattern that would keep my neck warm and not hang down and I think this will work perfectly!! I am excited to try this! Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity!!

  8. Ah! This is gorgeous and I love, love, love this color!!! Beautiful work. I'm going to make a couple of these for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. What a blessing. (o:

  9. Thank you so much for the pattern! I've made 2 of these and 3 of the fiona scarf/cowl for christmas presents thus far. I'm at the finding buttons phase …Where did you get your buttons? Any place special? What is the manufacturer/style #? I tried to bring my project to the store to match up, but I don't have a good eye at all!

    1. You are so welcome! I got mine (the ones shown above) at the local fabric store, they have so many it is overwhelming! I also love getting buttons from Knit Picks. Another great place to hunt for buttons is antique stores! I got a few Victorian ones last summer that I treasure. Plus when you give something with an antique button, it is something neat to tell your recipient!

  10. Thanks for the pattern! I've tried it a few times but I'm having a little trouble with the beginning. In the foundation row after working the dc and chaining 1, dc'ing in the same chain is where I'm getting confused..

    1. You're welcome! All that means is that you do the double crochet, then the chain 1, then another double crochet…but all in one chain. That will give you that "V" shape…hope that helps!

  11. I just made this. It is wider than the 6 1/2 inches but it turned out beautiful. I used a size k crochet hook. I used the same yarn that it called for and I just had enough. Thanks for posting this pattern. I can't wait to wear it tomorrow, I'm sure it will keep me warm.

  12. You mentioned that the buttons were made from recyled materials. What were these made of, and where can I find ideas on how to make buttons from other materials? Love, love your site! So glad I found it (thanks to allfreecrochet.com!)

    1. Yes, they are! I got them from a local fabric store, JoAnn Fabrics I believe. When I bought them I got these and a very similar looking set, I can't tell now which was which by looking at the picture! Anyhow, one set was made from recycled plastic and the other set was made from coconut wood. If memory serves me correctly though, I think these were the recycled plastic ones.

      What a neat idea to make your own buttons! Never before attempted this, but I'm sure if you Google it you will find a plethora of information (gotta love Google 🙂

  13. Think I am making it harder than it is but for Row1: am I doing a DC in each stitch for a total of 19 DCs across? Or skipping some stitches? I've tried three times and it just doesn't look right! So excited to make this! If I can just get it right! Thanks! 🙂

    1. For row 1 you want to do a dc, ch 1, dc in each of the spaces made from the v shapes in the previous row. That way the v's will have a stacked appearance. Make sure too you are working in the spaces and not the stitches too. I hope that helps!

  14. When I do row 1 with a dc, ch1, dc in each space, it gets wider. I've tried it a number of times and cant seem to get it right. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Yes! In row 1, be sure in the last space to do only 1 dc, and not the dc, ch1, dc. If you do that in the last space it will increase and make a triangle instead of a rectangle.

  15. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for this pattern… I recently made this pattern for my personal use and its really quick and simple to follow it. Do visit my blog in coming weeks to see my project.

  16. Jennifer, you have instructed me on my first project! I've made two wraps in two days. Your instructions are wonderful! I'm truly grateful and inspired. Thanks so much!

  17. I love your pretty patterns! Thank you so much! I crochet to help me through chemotherapy, and I really appreciate all the hard work you have put into your patterns.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment…sending you a big hug from one crocheter to another too 🙂

    1. Thanks for your question! Sometimes when I get a bit of a curl, I'll stop working for a minute and give it a gentle tug to straighten all of those stitches out. If it curling badly, check your tension. Often if everything is too tight, it has the tendency to curl somewhat.

      Hope that helps, happy crocheting!

  18. This is a beautiful stitch as is the pattern. I'm new to crochet but was able to make this scarf. As for the buttons…it appears that you sewed them on with yarn. Did you attach them and knot them behind the button?

    1. Thanks so much! As for the buttons…I did sew them onto the piece with matching yarn, knotted them in the back, then I wove in the ends. I really like when the yarn used for the button matches the garment! 🙂

  19. Hi I'm new to crocheting. I understand how to do the basic dc but not the additional ch 1, dc in the same ch. *Skip two chains and work dc, ch 1, dc in the same ch." Do you have any photos or videos you recommend on how to do this? I've searched, and cannot find any. Thank you!!

    1. Not sure if the author answered but all you have to do is put those 3 stitches( 1 DC, 1ch, and 1 more DC) in the same stitch, then skip 2 chains and do the same thing in the next chain. When you get to the next row you will then put those 3 stitched in the chain between the 2 DC of the previous row….You will be able to "see" the pattern once you finish the 2nd row…Hope this helps…………..Pat

  20. I made this one a few months ago, using Home Spun Yarn. I've worn it a couple times since and I love it! Easy (and quick) to make and I've gotten lots of compliments on it.

  21. i made the neck warmer in a pretty varigated wool. It turned out well! Waned to show you a picture. Its blues, greens, gold, purple. The buttons are wooden blue green.

  22. Thank you for the lovely, quick pattern. I had not done any crochet in years. It was perfect to get started again. I used what I had on my shelf, so it is white with three buttons. The top one is a large purple flower the next one is a smaller round gray one and the bottom is smallest and is bright orange. They match the stripes on a sweater I have. I started it after work today and will wear it tomorrow. That is the kind of project I like.

  23. Hi i love this pattern im very new 2 crocheting i have only made a headband/earwarmer but i really want 2make this but i don't have the right size yarn or hook do u think that worsted weight 4 would work &it says 4that yarn to use a 5 or 5.5hook so i just wanted your opinion. Thanks Jessica

  24. Thank you for sharing this pattern. I made one this weekend using Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic Cotton yarn in a color called Spice, and it came out great. I used a smaller hook (J-6.5 mm) but the finished dimensions are similar. Fits great and I look forward to enjoying it as the cooler weather sets in.

  25. Hi Thank you for the video and for sharing. It's great. As a newbie crocheter I find them really easy to follow. Jenny. x

  26. Thank you so much for this pattern. I was in a time crunch and needed to make a quick gift. I'm a slow crocheter but this really was simple and quick to make and it looks beautiful! I'll be making more! Thank you!

  27. Thank you for this pattern. This is first scarf I made using double crochet, and it was quick (3 hours, but I'm a beginner) and easy. Its absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to wear it.

  28. Hi, I love this pattern but I am struggling a bit. I have tried to get the measurement to be about 6.5 and I am using the correct hook size and stitch count and it is coming out a lot larger, I am using the Lion Brand Thick and Quick as well, what am I doing wrong? Thank You

    1. My first attempt was coming out oversized too. I modified the pattern to start with a chain of 13 (I'm using SugarBush Chill yarn and a 9.0mm hook) and that is working great.

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